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Where do I go now?

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As part of our ongoing migration to Banner, the legacy MyESF, Faculty and Staff Portal, and associated ESF Information Systems have been permanently decommissioned. Please use one of the following buttons for the appropriate new system.

Banner Faculty Self-Service

For Class Lists, Emergency Contact and other profile changes, Attendance Tracking, and Advising Information

Degree Works

Degree Works replaces Plan Sheets and is a much more robust degree progress tracking and advising tool. Accessible from Faculty and Student Self Service for students and advisors.

Banner Student Self-Service (MyESF)

For all student updates, schedules and grading information.

Non-Banner ESF Information Systems

The public information systems you have permission to access will automatically appear in your menu when you log in. They may include:

  • News & Events (add and edit entries)
  • Faculty Public Info (official faculty page, interest for participating faculty lists, etc.)
  • Grad Student Public Info (for departmental, program/option/area and advisor pages)
  • ESF Spaces (room reservations)
  • Campus Faculty and Staff Directory
  • Administrative Reports (Administrative units, faculty chairs and designees)
    Replaces legacy Faculty and Staff Portal's Faculty Chair Student Data

Argos Enterprise Reporting

Evisions Argos replaces all campus reporting in the Banner world. It is accessible from the campus network only.

Banner Application Navigator (Administrative Banner)

Application Navigator is for accessing Banner adminstrative forms, typically from campus administrative offices. It is accessible from the campus network only.